Lomographers all over the world are hosting fantastic happenings almost every day - from photowalks, to meetups, workshops, exhibitions and more. Scroll through our global calendar for upcoming events and join us! Think we should know about an amazing event in your area not already listed? Send us the details through this form or through email to and we will add it here!

Ongoing Events

Faces of Harlem

2021-08-07 – 2021-10-31 · United States
Faces of Harlem

FACES OF HARLEM is a multi-site outdoor photography installation curated by Sade Boyewa El and Kate Sterlin, featuring portraits of our friends and neighbors in Harlem; a documentation of who we are today, 100 years after the Harlem Renaissance. In early 2021 Sade Boyewa El, a longtime Harlemite invited nine other photographers to create portraits of our people from this beloved neighborhood in hopes of inspiring meaningful conversations, fostering connection, and bridging some of the many visible gaps in our community. Photo by Sade Boyewa El.

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Upcoming Events

  • Analog Sport Exhibition #1

    2021-10-28 – 2021-11-07 · France
    Analog Sport Exhibition #1

    Analog Sport by Analogue Football presents its first exhibition at Floréal Belleville in Paris. Created in 2020, Analog Sport is the first associative education project to learn about analogue sport photography. The organization is teaching young people from 16 to 20 years old with theoretical classes and photo reportage workshops. They will show the results of these classes from October 29 to November 7. Opening party starting at 18:00 on October 28.

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  • Workshop: "I Have No Clue"

    2021-10-30 · Spain
    Workshop: "I Have No Clue"

    Learn the basics of shooting with a film camera and other creative techniques in this workshop by Lomography Embassy Barcelona! Then, test your skills with the classic Diana F+ camera and Lomography Color Negative 400 in a LomoWalk around the “El Born” neighborhood. Limited slots are available so reserve yours now!

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  • Workshop Cyanotype Printing Process

    2021-11-13 · Spain
    Workshop Cyanotype Printing Process

    In this workshop, Sibux, an experimental analog photographer, will share tips and tricks on this ancient technique of copying images in a practical way. Learn the history of cyanotype and how it can be used on unconventional surfaces including wood, fabric, magazine paper, and even eggshells! Then, take home a poster and a tote bag printed with your own cyanotype work.

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  • Black and White Film Developing Workshop

    2021-11-27 · Spain
    Black and White Film Developing Workshop

    Learn how to process your own black and white films in this workshop by Lomography Embassy Barcelona. The lesson will begin with an introduction to the foundation of film photography and camera operation. Then, you’ll go on photo walk around the neighborhood to shoot a roll of film that you will immediately process in their darkroom!

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  • Film Photography Day 2021

    Film Photography Day 2021

    In 2013, we celebrated the first Film Photography Day. Since then, we’ve made it a yearly habit to honor the creativity and the passion of analogue photography-lovers around the world through exciting workshops, fun parties, and buzz-worthy photo exhibits! Let the good times roll and stay tuned for an event near you!

  • World Pinhole Photography Day

    World Pinhole Photography Day

    Slow down and celebrate the art of pinhole photography. Whether you are shooting with special gear or a homemade one from a matchbox, can, or even an egg, challenge your imagination and show what a humble pinhole camera is capable of!

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  • National Camera Day

    National Camera Day

    More than just a creative tool, a camera is a quiet witness to touching moments and trusty keeper of history. On this day, let’s take a moment to appreciate how our humble gear enables us to express ourselves, share our thoughts and ideas, and let other’s witness the world through our eyes!

  • World Photography Day

    World Photography Day

    An annual, worldwide event that honors the art, craft, science, and history of photography. Share your best photographs with #World Photography Day! This celebration originated from the invention of the daguerreotype process developed by Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1837. On August 19, 1939, the patent for this groundbreaking invention was purchased by the French government and declared as a “gift free to the world.”

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Past Events

  • Lomography x Vinokilo – LomoWalk Milano

    2021-10-24 · Italy
    Lomography x Vinokilo – LomoWalk Milano

    Purple in the Concrete Jungle will be the theme of the next LomoWalk in Milan – a special photo walk in collaboration with Vinokilo, in the name of our love for analogue photography.

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  • L’imaginarium du photographe: Portraits with the LomoGraflok and Lomography Art Lens

    2021-10-22 · France
    L’imaginarium du photographe: Portraits with the LomoGraflok and Lomography Art Lens

    Get to familiar with the LomoGraflok 4×5 Instant Back and the Lomography Art Lenses at L’imaginarium du photographe, our retail partner in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

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  • Caffenol & Wineol Film Developing Workshop

    2021-10-16 · Spain
    Caffenol & Wineol Film Developing Workshop

    Coffee or wine? In this workshop by Lomography Embassy Barcelona, you’ll learn how to develop your black and white film rolls using caffenol (coffee-based process) and wineol (wine-based process). After a lecture, you’ll take a quick photowalk with the Diana F+ then process the rolls with these alternative methods! Limited slots are available.

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  • FREE FILM Book Launch

    2021-10-16 · United States
    FREE FILM Book Launch

    worthless studios is thrilled to announce the launch of the FREE FILM books. We’ll be celebrating alongside Roberta’s Pizza and some of our favorite local photography businesses, including Beers & Cameras, Brooklyn Film Camera, Lomography, and Photodom. Come grab a slice, a book, and some photo gear!

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  • Holga Workshop with Penumbra Foundation & Liz Nielsen

    2021-10-03 – 2021-10-10
    Holga Workshop with Penumbra Foundation & Liz Nielsen

    In this two day workshop, our friends at Penumbra Foundation and Liz Nielsen will walk you around photographing NYC with Holga plastic cameras. Create single, double, and layered exposures with the outcome of dreamlike imagery. Come without expectations and a strong desire to experiment. Photo credits: Liz Nielsen & Penumbra Foundation

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  • Low ISO workshop with Lomography Babylon Kino Film ISO 13 and Fantome Kino Film ISO 8

    2021-10-03 · Spain
    Low ISO workshop with Lomography Babylon Kino Film ISO 13 and Fantome Kino Film ISO 8

    Discover the possibilities of analog photography using slow shutter speeds photography and movement! In this workshop, we will learn how to capture movement in a unique way using low film sensitivities (ISO 13 and ISO 8). Packages include a roll of film, development, digitization of the results, and a visit to the festival exhibitions on the same day. It is recommended to use a reflex camera or a camera with manual mode. If you don’t have one, contact us and we will find one for you!

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  • Analogue Photo Marathon

    2021-10-03 · Italy
    Analogue Photo Marathon

    Join the Analogue Photo Marathon happening on October 3, 2021 on the scenic Lake Maggiore in the city Stresa, Italy. Participants will be asked to interpret surprise photo themes and capture each on a single roll of film. Exciting prizes, including Lomography films and cameras, await the winners – limited slots are available so register now!

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  • Petzval Experience

    2021-10-03 · Spain
    Petzval Experience

    Revela’T Festival will be hosting a workshop about the Petzval 80.5 Art Lens, focused on its history and showcasing this legendary lens. Discover the story behind this unique lens and get an opportunity to test it! This is free for festival attendees or those who are already registered for another workshop.

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  • Art Attack: Creative Photography DIY

    2021-10-02 · Spain
    Art Attack: Creative Photography DIY

    If you like arts and crafts, this workshop is for you! Unleash your imagination, do-it-yourself style, and create imaginary worlds using recyclable materials mixed with experimental photography techniques like EBS and mask!

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  • “Chained”: Exposition by Tony Diez

    2021-09-23 – 2021-09-30 · Spain
    “Chained”: Exposition by Tony Diez

    We are a chained society. Either because of the fear of an unreal failure or because of the pressure imposed on us to be “perfect”, or in other words, equal to each other. These chains oppress us and deprive us of our most primitive instincts. To progress we must free ourselves from these chains by thinking freely, loving without fear, and forgetting the social norms marked by technology.

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  • NYC Film Photo Gathering 2021

    2021-09-26 · United States
    NYC Film Photo Gathering 2021

    On Sunday, September 26, Brooklyn Film Camera and Lomography are throwing an afternoon picnic and gathering for the film community. Our annual NYC Film Photo Gathering is BACK and we hope to see you there!

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  • "Du cœur à l’ouvrage" – Morgan Roué at Bichat Hospital in Paris

    2021-09-06 – 2021-09-20 · France
    "Du cœur à l’ouvrage" – Morgan Roué at Bichat Hospital in Paris

    Physician and photographer, Morgan Roué, exhibits his photo-documentary project about his workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic at Bichat Hospital in Paris. Pictures were taken with the Berlin Kino and LomoChrome Metropolis films.

  • Portrait Sessions at Penumbra’s Tintype Studio – Photoville

    Portrait Sessions at Penumbra’s Tintype Studio – Photoville

    Visit the Penumbra Foundations’ tintype studio at Photoville festival for a memorable portrait session. Your tintype will be a one of a kind, heirloom-quality gift that will last for generations. Between 1–9pm in the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier I. Photo credits: Penumbra Foundation

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  • Mirror Photography Workshop

    2021-09-18 · United States
    Mirror Photography Workshop

    Join photographer Erica Reade for a two-hour workshop and learn basic techniques and tips on shooting with mirrors. Mirrors of different shapes and sizes will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own and any objects that you may want to photograph! Following the class, there will be a follow-up Zoom critique where you’ll share your best 10 photos with the group and receive feedback and ideas for the next steps.

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  • LomoWalk Ostuni

    2021-09-12 · Italy
    LomoWalk Ostuni

    A new adventure is on the way! Join Carlo Carbotti and Graziano of the Foto Collettivo Valle d’Itria in this LomoWalk happening on 12 September 2021 at Località Pilone in Ostuni, Italy. This event is free but limited slots are available! Register now.

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  • Lomography x Initial LABO: Film Swap Exhibition

    2021-07-01 – 2021-09-04 · France
    Lomography x Initial LABO: Film Swap Exhibition

    For Film Photography Day, last April, Lomography and Initial LABO sent out a call for application to take part in a Film Swap project with six others photographers. Now, it’s your turn to discover the results of this film exchange this summer at Initial LAB, our dealer in Boulogne-Billancourt (near Paris). Thanks to double exposure, this project creates a dialogue between the photographers, producing a lot of happy accidents that reveal the magic of analogue photography. Alongside the exhibition, we will also host two workshops!

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  • Creative Freedom in Film Photography (Online Workshop)

    2021-08-27 · Philippines
    Creative Freedom in Film Photography (Online Workshop)

    Experience the ins and outs of creative photography in this online workshop by Photo-Op and Lomography Philippines, hosted by EJ Bagtas and Vince Tanching. Know all about your film camera’s basic functions and features, learn shooting tips and tricks, plus get insights on how to curate your photos from Lomography PH General Manager Edgar Alberto. This workshop is for free–sign up, watch, and get a chance to win exciting prizes!

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  • Bushwick Film Photography Photowalk with Lomography & Focus Camera

    2021-08-25 · United States
    Bushwick Film Photography Photowalk with Lomography & Focus Camera

    Join representatives from Focus Camera and Lomography for a film photography photo walk through the vibrant Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick. Attendees will be provided with a roll of 35 mm color film to use for the event and Lomography cameras, including the Sprocket Rocket, La Sardina, and ActionSampler, will be available to rent. There are limited spots available for this event, so grab your ticket now to reserve your place!

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  • Be part of the Collective-Individual Project

    2021-08-07 · United States
    Be part of the Collective-Individual Project

    Join photographers Ryann Cooley, Sissi Lu, and Busayo Fadiya for a one-day event and exhibition! Each piece consists of portraits of five to eight individuals from the same nationality that are merged together, similar to a multiple exposure photograph. There will be opportunities to sit for portraits and be part of the upcoming Collective-Individual works!

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  • “Crown Heights – Suspended in Time” Solo Exhibition of Jules Renault

    2021-07-16 – 2021-07-26 · France
    “Crown Heights – Suspended in Time” Solo Exhibition of Jules Renault

    LomoAmigo Jules Renault will present his first solo exhibition in Paris from July 16th to July 26th. At La Réserve by Soldats in Le Marais, you will be able to discover is fully analogue project about Crown Heights neighbourhood located in the centre of Brooklyn, New York. Jules Renault discovered Crown Heights ten years ago and started a photo and video project leading to a book that will be released at the moment of the exhibition. You will be able to discover analogue darkroom prints and a movie shot with the Lomography LomoKino.

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  • Workshop: Portrait and Self Portrait with Ambient Light

    2021-07-10 · Spain
    Workshop: Portrait and Self Portrait with Ambient Light

    In this workshop at the Lomography Embassy Barcelona, Joan Morejón Baltà, co-founder of, will teach you how to take striking portraits using ambient light. After learning all the techniques and studying examples from photography masters, we’ll head out in search of the best lighting and location to practice your newfound knowledge with the Diana F+ or a camera of your choice!

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  • “I Have No Clue” Workshop

    2021-07-03 · Spain
    “I Have No Clue” Workshop

    Learn the basics of shooting with an analogue camera with Lomography Embassy Barcelona.

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  • Darkroom Enlarging Workshop

    2021-06-19 · Spain
    Darkroom Enlarging Workshop

    Experience the magic of enlarging negatives and printing your own black and white photographs in this workshop by Lomography Embassy Barcelona!

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  • London Streets: Recovering from the pandemic (East London) with Free Lomography Film

    2021-06-12 · United Kingdom
    London Streets: Recovering from the pandemic (East London) with Free Lomography Film

    Lomography UK has teamed up with the London Film Photography group for a special photo walk around East London. Early birds will get a chance to shoot with a FREE Lomography film, including the LomoChrome Metropolis, LomoChrome Purple, Colour Negative 400, and Fantome Kino Film, and Babylon Kino Film. Due to Covid regulations, there will be a cap on attendees and you are required to wear a mask where necessary!

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  • Same Same Same But Different

    2021-05-01 – 2021-05-09 · Japan
    Same Same Same But Different

    Gallery TReC1and2 invites you to their collaborative project wherein you’ll be asked to shoot three photographs with the Simple Use Reloadable Film Camera, before passing the camera to another person. Photographs will also be collected for a new zine and displayed in multiple venues. It’s an opportunity to embrace the unpredictability and surprises of film photography. Head to Lomography+ in Tokyo, Japan from May 1 to May 9 to join!

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