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The Jewish population in the city declined and the synagogue fell into disuse. While in other cities from the country the other synagogues were renovated and transformed into cultural venues, the local administration from this city didn't take care of the building and soon the poor people started stealing everything from it. They stole the whole roof piece by piece (which was from copper and they could sell it) so the building is now in a state of advanced degradation due to weather that corroded the structure and the walls are in danger of collapsing. It's not that the local administration doesn't have the money to restore the building, it's just too corrupt.
The woman in the picture is supposed to guard the building from thieves, homeless people and vandals. She admitted that she is often scared.

Breaking Boundaries: Tales on Textiles

Every fabric, every weave tells a story. What's the history of the clothes you are wearing?

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