Daisy, the energetic beagle from Skopje

I included this double exposure photo of Daisy because she is one of the two reminders of her lovely owners, Galib and Angela, whom I met in City Park in downtown Skopje, Northern Macedonia. Daisy and her canine buddy, Sky, enabled me to meet her family and I quite enjoyed chatting with Galib and Angela and taking a number of photos of all of them. They were very positive about my project and also asked for a shot of the 3 of us and unfortunately I did not think to take one for myself as well (I was very much in the giving mindset). This album tries to document my 2020 travel project in which I took instant photos of relatively random strangers and gave them the picture(s). Because I gave most of the photos away (about 150 in total), I do not have many to display but the reward (for the most part) of seeing people watch the instant pics develop and knowing that they could keep it was well worth it. The project had its challenges but I thing it is something I will continue to do in the future. × 1

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