Farewell Lomo

I guess. This is the last film I finished, in January 2019. There is nowhere to buy or develop film anywhere near me. Last time we had decent snow, too...

Zorki 4K
Fuji C 200
Jupiter 8
Farewell Lomo


  1. stereograph
    stereograph ·

    what about www.zoomphoto.rs/

  2. tasjarhodes
    tasjarhodes ·

    @Stereograph That is where I used to go. They were the only ones who still developed, scanned, and sold film in my city, until sometime in 2019. They don't do any of those things, anymore. They said it doesn't pay off, and that I was literally the only person still using those services.

  3. stereograph
    stereograph ·

    @tasjarhodes thats tragic,
    what about ordering online
    and building a developing possibility at home?
    at least or b/w?

  4. tasjarhodes
    tasjarhodes ·

    @Stereograph I heard many people here say developing at home is a better option, and I have thought about that before, but since I don't take too many photos, I'm not sure if learning it, buying things I need for developing, and also for scanning, would be worth it.

    Ordering online tends to be expensive (especially considering shipping costs for smaller items sometimes turn out being larger than the items themselves; if the services are available here, in the first place).

    I might think about this again, sometime, though.

  5. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Hug 💓 here in indonesia the price of film are insane. Last time I bought fuji c200 with price 10 time expensive than the first time i bought it 16 years ago. Hope the analogue world will recover soon but i'm pessimistic the price will normal again because in indonesia if it's increasingly high, the price will never decreased

  6. tasjarhodes
    tasjarhodes ·

    @Hervinsyah Sadly, I'm pessimistic, too. About analogue photography in most of the world, to be honest. It should have been obvious this was going to happen eventually, but I never really thought too much about it, and didn't expect it to happen so soon. :(

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