Diego Ortega's First Impressions of the LomoApparat


Diego Ortega (a.k.a. Aim Shoot Develop) is a film photographer and content creator from California who uses his platforms to share all kinds of analogue cameras and techniques with his followers. He recently tested out the LomoApparat and sat down to give us his first impressions alongside his latest YouTube video.

Photos by Diego Ortega shot on the LomoApparat

Hi Diego, welcome to Lomography Magazine! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work?

Hello, I’m Diego also known as Aim Shoot Develop. I’m a film photographer from Tulare, California who enjoys the process of shooting film just as much as the results. I’ve been documenting my life and experiences on film for 10 years now and love sharing the process online with everyone.

What was your first impression of the LomoApparat?

My first impressions were really positive. The first thing I do when trying a new camera is checking how comfortably it fits in the hands. The camera's lay out made it easy to operate, perfect for getting those candid moments.

What was your favorite feature of the camera?

My favorite feature had to be the cameras wide lens. Capturing the whole scene makes for such great shots.

Photos by Diego Ortega shot on the LomoApparat

Any tips or tricks for the camera?

Use the color gels! Load up your favorite colors and take some shots. My favorite combo is double exposure with red and blue in low light to get a cool faux 3D effect. The color gels really add to the mood of the photos. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Who would you recommend the LomoApparat to?

I would recommend this camera to literally everyone. You’ll be genuinely surprised how much punch this camera has.

What does it mean to you, to see new film cameras being released in 2022?

It actually means a lot. I often get asked “what camera should I get?” by people online and they have to jump sereval hoops to buy one. Readily available new film cameras makes it easy for people to start or spice up their camera journey.

Photos by Diego Ortega shot on the LomoApparat

Do you have a favorite photo that you took with the camera? Is there a story behind it?

It’ll have to be the photos I’ve taken of the Warners Theater sign in Fresno or Component Coffee in Visalia. Both places are key to me starting my film photography journey so I love documenting them.

If you could take the LomoApparat anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I would love to just take it to a film camera meet up and see how other film photographers use and interact with it. There are so many possible combinations to use that I’m sure I’ll be blown away by what people come up with.

Photos by Diego Ortega shot on the LomoApparat

Do you have any hopes for the future of analogue photography?

Admittedly every day I keep seeing the format get pushed further and further forward that I am excited to see what’s to come. Always ready for the unexpected.

Anything else that you'd like to share?

Thanks for having me, I’ll be working on building a community of photographers in the Central Valley of California so be on the look out for that!

If you're interested in keeping up with Diego and his content, check out his TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Channel, Twitter, and website!

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