LomoWalk X 'I'm Still Developing': San Diego


This past April we partnered with I'm Still Developing for the first US LomoWalk of the year in San Diego, California. I'm Still Developing is a community-based group focused on keeping analogue photography alive through their events and social media presence.

For the recent photo walk participants had the opportunity to use an array of our 35mm and medium format cameras, as well as try out a variety of our films, both black and white and color negative. Then, to end off the day I'm Still Developing raffled off some Konstruktor DIY cameras to a few lucky Lomographers to take a piece of the event home!

Photos by Jenessa Marquez

"Being involved in the film community has been a great way for me to overcome my social anxiety and meet a ton of photo friends. When I attend photowalks in areas I don't visit often, I admire where I'm from with a snap of a frame. I'm so grateful for the film community for being so welcoming, and I'm thankful for 'I'm Still Developing' and Lomography for creating a really great photowalk in my city — San Diego — for everyone to come together."
- Jenessa Marquez

Photos by Chris House shot on Lady Grey B&W film

"The LomoWalk with 'I'm Still Developing' was my first film focused photo walk. As someone who primarily shoots digital, I didn't know what to expect. Not only did the folks who lead the walk foster a real communal sense where people helped each other and traded gear to try out, the community in San Diego is in a really awesome place. Everyone wants to just meet each other, collaborate and grow and get better! Trying my first Lomo film ever, I didn't know what to expect. Lady Grey was a fun film to shoot”
- Chris House

Photos by Mstah Freeze shot on the Diana Mini

"During the LomoWalk, I had the opportunity to shoot with a camera that I had never used before; the Diana Mini. The idea of only shooting with a Lomography camera during the walk felt like a great challenge to do and could potentially unravel a different shooting experience in creating. It definitely unlocked an experimental approach to creativity, especially with the half frame/square frame capabilities of the Diana. This forced me to just create and not focus on taking a great photo, which to me is a great lesson to discover. My absolute favorite feature was the big flash attachment. I immediately gravitated to do portraits with it and it was probably one of my favorite features about the camera."
- Mstah Freeze

Photos by - Bri

"The photo walk was great because I got to practice my rusty camera skills. The film community is super supportive and helpful and I met lots of new friends and people through attending the LomoWalk. It’s fun to experience a place, with other camera enthusiasts, through the camera’s viewfinder."
- Bri

Photos by Steve Gauvreau using the LomoApparat

"I had a blast walking around with everyone and their cameras. I tend to stick with a rotation of a few cameras so to have the opportunity to try out a new camera like the LomoApparat was a special experience. Having the option to borrow a camera on this walk was a golden idea. I loved that those who were lucky enough to claim a Lomo-loaner were ready and willing to take on the challenge of experimenting with a new camera on the spot. I’ve noticed this is common in the film community; we often embrace challenges knowing fun will ultimately emerge in the end. This community continues to prove that together, we can overcome the challenges that come along with film. Many of us are happy and willing to share our knowledge, and this is never more present than these group photo walks. We’ve done amazing things together, albeit the number one thing we’ve accomplished is that we’ve kept a dying art medium alive and strong.”
- Steve Gauvreau

Photos by I'm Still Developing

"We've been doing film photography events for almost two years now and we always want our gatherings to feel like you're hanging out with a million of your best friends all at once. LomoWalk SD was exactly that. Positive energy, lots of new faces along with tons of familiar ones, film photography and great weather. The walk took place on the Mission Beach boardwalk and ended with a few Konstruktor camera giveaways. We couldn't have asked for more but having Lomography gift film and access to their camera line was the icing on the cake, and our attendees were stoked to have Lomo's presence here in San Diego. Can't wait for the next one."
- I'm Still Developing

The LomoWalk San Diego recap video was shot by Dale Ramos.

Video by Dale Ramos

We hope everybody who participated had a fun, film filled day! Once again, special thanks to I'm Still Developing for making this event happen.

If you missed the walk, stay connected with us by checking our Calendar for upcoming events!

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