B L N K D Z [Sian]

Sian: “Hello, my name is Sian and I’m an Artist. It’s really lovely to say because for the first time I finally feel confident enough to define myself as this! And I feel Berlin has played a huge role in this. Growing up I always knew I wanted to be an Artist but time and confidence were never on my side. For me getting in front of the camera is a daunting task. As a teenager I struggled with anorexia for years and was hospitalised, so confidence was never my strong suit! As an artist, illustrating was my little way of healing. And soon I finally felt confidence with myself, my appearance and who I was as a person thanks to this. Unfortunately, I then started to feel a lack of confidence in my actual artwork. And with the growing pressure to create every day to keep up with these ridiculous algorithms, making Art was becoming exhausting and disheartening. I almost forgot why I was creating it in the first place BUT in a very bizarre and strange turn of events, if there’s anything good that’s come out of quarantine is that it’s allowed me the time to slow down and focus on what I love! I’ve now got to the point where all my ‘not so aesthetically pleasing’ white Ikea furniture has turned into floral 70s paintings! I’ve renewed my love for art and creating through these quarantines that I perhaps never would have if I hadn’t of just slowed down. And I’ve learnt to do it for myself and not for the Instagram likes. As an Artist we create for so many reasons, for me, it was a way to learn to love myself and to enjoy my own company. And despite the lockdown being tough here in Berlin, I hope it’s taught us all to take a step back, slow down, enjoy the little things like a fun photo shoot with your roommate, a really nice coffee in the morning or renewing your love for creating despite the pressures of social media!” #meettheberlinkids

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