boy in bloom

In the last months I’ve been obsessed with medium format photography. I kept on browsing through the galleries of these photographers and wondered what I could achieve if I was the one shooting with such cameras. After years relying on the same gear I eventually decided it was time to invest some money into something “new”. My friend Adrian (@ancuper) found a Mamiya RB67 in Warsaw and got it for me. Since it got delivered it took me some time to finally approach this gigantic and surprisingly heavy beast. I met another friend, Liam (@liamjamescreative), so he could guide me through the basics (I’m not patient enough to watch YouTube tutorials) and finally took my first chance last Saturday when Christoph, who I hadn’t shot with since Greece in September, agreed to model for me. The first hour, which was probably the most productive, turned out into a massive disappointment when I realized I never pushed the film forward and took a series of 15 shots on the same frame (that‘s what test shootings are for I guess). But at that point I was way too curious to give up. I definitely want to upgrade the camera body to a 6×7 but I’m genuinely glad that the test shots turned out in focus without the help of a strap or a tripod. Let’s see what the future holds.

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