Lomography Awards: Breaking Boundaries: Incredible Journeys

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Incredible Journeys

Moving from one place to another is an adventure in itself. Take us to your most unforgettable voyages around the world.

Whether you're a walking wanderer, an experienced driver, or a contented passenger, allow us to vicariously globe-trot through your astounding photographs of walkways, roads, automobiles, and other forms of travel. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • In Transit: Sled, tuk-tuk, norry, coco taxi. Each place has a mode of transport best suited to its terrain. Recall the most memorable ride you've had during one of your travels. How did these unique vehicles help you in understanding a country—its history, culture, and people—better?
  • On Foot: When traversing rocky mountains and lush jungles, moving around by foot is sometimes the only way to go. From India's fascinating root bridges to China's perilous-looking "Plank Road in the Sky", have you explored any of these distinctive trails?

Each participant may submit up to 10 photographs. This competition serves as the qualifying round for the Breaking Boundaries category of our TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards 2019.

Photo by grad

The Winners

Congratulations to: myleskatherine, gmushinsky, jmcedo, chvo & carcinome.