Cameron Hoerth's Mystical Renaissance Shots with the LomoApparat


Known for finding magic in the Mundane, Wisconsin-based photographer Cameron Hoerth recently combined his documentary style with the experimental LomoApparat and otherworldly effect of our LomoChrome Purple color-shifting film at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. He then sat down to tell us all about the experience of photographing the mystical event!

Photos by Cameron Hoerth

Hi Cameron, welcome back to Lomography Magazine! Can you fill us in on what you've been up to since your last feature in 2020?

Hey Lomo! Since 2020 a lot has been going on. I moved back to my hometown to slow down from the fast pace of Milwaukee where I was living. When I got back I began making some long form photographic essays documenting rural Northeast Wisconsin, specifically the local county fair, where I go to make photographs every year. The other long form project I've been making work for has been "Useless Wooden Toy," which is my depiction on skateboarding subculture. Having grown up skateboarding and continuing to do so now for 22 years it's been my main body of work outside of photographing my day-to-day life.

What made you decide to take the LomoApparat with you to the Renaissance Fair?

So last year was my first time going to the Bristol Renaissance Fair and I absolutely loved it. I shot it with my Leica M6 and some black and white film. So knowing that I would return this year, I wanted to photograph it with something as unique as the fair is itself, with all the different walks of life, costumes and the overall look of the event. I knew the LomoApparat with its 21 mm focal length, colored flash fills, multiple exposure option and minimal settings would be perfect for the vision!

Photos by Cameron Hoerth

Can you tell us a bit about the process of shooting at the event?

The process honestly was made easy by the limitations of the LomoApparat. With it being point-and-shoot I just worried about finding an interesting subject and making a photograph!

What was your first impression of the LomoApparat?

I loved that it's super small. I could put it in my pocket whenever I wasn't shooting with it. You can put a wrist strap on it too which is a plus. Changing the flash colors was as simple as sliding up or down to the color you wanted to use and it felt well made!

Photos by Cameron Hoerth

Were you surprised by any of your results?

Yes! I really enjoyed using the red flash with the LomoChrome Purple film.

Do you have a favorite shot that you shared from the weekend in Bristol?

My favorite photograph from the weekend is of my girlfriend in a hat shop. We just went in there browsing around and she put the hat on and I quickly took the photograph with the red filter. Point and shoot. As simple as that!

How did LomoChrome Purple compliment your artistic vision?

I think LomoChrome Purple film was perfect for the fair and is great for any time you want to have some unexpected looks created. When I put the film in I had no idea how any of it would turn out color wise. What fill flash colors would look like on top of the base film. I was pleasantly surprised with all the frames I got back.

What's your favorite feature of the LomoApparat?

My favorite feature would be the double exposure setting. I didn't use it as much as I should have but I think you can get some really interesting photographs with it.

Photos by Cameron Hoerth

Do you have any tips for shooting with the LomoApparat and LomoChrome films?

Have fun. Get creative. Embrace the uncertainty and limitations. Most importantly, go out and make some photographs!

Anything else you'd like to share?

As always thanks to Lomography for the interview and making amazing products! I love the creative freedom that the LomoApparat 21 mm and LomoChrome Purple gives me.

If you're interested in keeping up with Cameron and his work, make sure to check out his Instagram and website.

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