Here's a collection of images captured on the south coast of the UK in Dorset. We travelled down during the ominous COVID-19 pandemic whilst the curve in the UK began to flattening and control measures were lifted to begin to return to normality. Let's just say the beach was far busier than it should of been, Durdle Door was just littered with tourists so we couldn't get anywhere near it but was a good opportunity to test this relic of a film! Kodak Verichrome VP 120 kindly donated, developed and scanned by @IANDEVLINPHOTO - wasn't sure what to expect from a film that expired in the 70's! Needless to say a very retro and defective looking monochrome render and I'm still gobsmacked with the level of detail still captured on the film! If you like this kind of thing head over to Ian's Lomo site!

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  1. zuazua
    zuazua ·

    Nice capture. I have some old film like this and after seeing these types of results I had regretted buying the film. Maybe I should appreciate at the uniqueness of these films.

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